W. C. Duke Associates: the dot com for disability etiquette

Thinking of developing your own disability awareness or sensitivity program?


girl with stop sign

Don't even try without expert help.


woman with mouth ready to kiss

Would you use her as an expert or content consultant on a sexual harassment program?


tatooed tough guy

Is it likely he has the expertise you need to implement your diversity initiatives?


Probably not.

Then don't use inappropriate or unreliable experts on initiatives concerning your customers with disabilities.


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If you try to develop your own disability program without competent resources it becomes a frustrating experience for all involved.



man dressed as a genie using a computer





Even a training "genie" can't work magic or grant your wishes when to comes to the specialized area of ADA and disability issues.






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There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Established Programs
  • Developed By Experts
  • Having Disabilities
  • 20 Year Track Record
  • Clients Successfully Protected From ADA Litigation