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We are the original Opening Doors®, don't accept any substitutes.

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

Harry F. Banks

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Untrained, unmotivated employees are murder on your business.

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We have to “ramp” the human mind or the rest of the ramps won’t work.

George Covington,
Former White House Advisor on Disability Issues


The Opening Doors® programs do “mind ramping.” This includes establishing employee comfort levels with customers having disabilities, plus teaching practical skills, not just sensitivity or awareness. These are disability etiquette programs developed by persons with disabilities specifically for service industries.

Why do you need Opening Doors®?

A Harris Poll showed that 58% of all Americans are uneasy around persons with disabilities. 47% feel actual fear.

If you and your employees haven’t been around family members, friends, or neighbors with disabilities, then it hasn't been part of your life experience. You are inexperienced about what to say or what to do. This inexperience and uncertainty can lead to discomfort in being around persons with disabilities.

The Opening Doors® programs ......
  • Help your employees conquer their discomfort in serving or working with persons having disabilities, and they learn to anticipate these customers' specific needs, and then deliver beyond their expectations.

  • Teach not only practical skills, but also explain WHY these skills are important for your customers with disabilities.

  • Target all employees having customer or employee contact.

  • Are designed for flexible implementation as training time is limited. The programs are divided into modules lasting 10 to 12 minutes.

  • Are fun and entertaining with innovative videos, interactive media/activities based on important issues developed by people having disabilities.

  • Generate discussions, sharing of ideas, and developing solutions to problems and situations experienced by persons with disabilities.

  • Can be part of new-hire orientation.

  • Integrate disability issues into your existing customer service or diversity training.

  • Encompass all learning styles for retention by maximizing program content retention by using TPR — Total Physical Response in which your employees see, hear, and do.

  • Give interviewing, hiring, and supervision skills by providing managers and supervisors with direction, specific skills, and confidence to handle uncertain situations.

  • Offer industry-specific materials for hospitality, food service, entertainment, retail, banking, and financial services.

Additional Services

Train-the-Trainer Programs and On-site Training
  • Learn how to teach the program and facilitate the interactive media/activities.

  • Receive information about cost-effective ways to meet and exceed ADA compliance, plus marketing tips on how to access the huge disability market of 54 million Americans.

Customized Training Programs
  • Video scripts and video production

  • Interactive media and computer-based training

  • Internet-based training

  • Company specific training manuals, workbooks, and reinforcement materials

  • Consulting and project management

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.