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Are You Prepared?

Having an ADA audit is the first step in compliance. If you don't have one readily available upon request, then you are in violation of this law. There are many sources for conducting your own audit. Here is one example of a checklist with possible solutions for barrier removal. It will get you started. The Access Board, the federal board that is the leading source of information on accessible design, has concise survey forms for every type of business and for specific elements of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Remember, the 2010 ADA Accessibility Guidelines went into effect March 15, 2011 with one year for compliance.












Starting March 15, 2011, businesses must comply with the ADA's general nondiscrimination requirements, including provisions related to policies and procedures and effective communication.

Helpful Resources

We know that ADA and disability issues can be confusing and overwhelming, and you don't have time to spare in finding out answers to your questions and concerns. Here are some web sites that will provide basic information.

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Barrier Free Design
Disability Information
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